Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa

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Ancient Harvest Microwaveable Heat-and-Eat Organic Quinoa with Sea Salt, 8 oz. Hot and ready to eat in just 90 seconds Three ingredients: quinoa, coconut oil, and sea salt 11g of protein with no rice or fillers Made with organic coconut oil for moisture Whole grain and non-GMO Project Verified Complete protein - provides all nine essential amino acids necessary for good health Try our other Heat-and-Eat Quinoa options: Organic Quinoa with Chickpeas & Garlic Organic Quinoa - Southwestern For our other delicious products, visit Our History: At Ancient Harvest, we've been cooking up modern versions of ancient foods for more than 35 years. The Ancient Harvest™ Difference Our products pack valuable, plant-based nutrition only found in nature’s finest ingredients – such as quinoa, beans and lentils – into the foods you crave, such as pasta, mac and cheese, hot cereal and more. No matter the meal, Ancient Harvest provides the delicious, plant-based fuel you need to power up your day. A Pioneering Spirit It all started in 1983 when we became the first company to bring an interesting “new” grain called quinoa to the United States. We instantly fell in love with the versatility and timelessness of this plant-based powerhouse, and began our commitment to sourcing the highest quality quinoa and supporting the farmers who grow. Sustainable Communities We’ve worked with the same quinoa farming communities since the beginning, and have sponsored programs to help them achieve organic certification, improve their yields and implement sustainable farming practices all with the goal of improving their quality of life and supporting future economic activity in the region. Partner and Empower We value our partnerships with the local communities, involving them in the decision-making process and empowering them to co-fund local projects, such as the development of a new road to help them access new fields and engage in new tourism activities. As you can see, bringing high-quality, better-for-you foods to your table isn’t our only mission. Bring Greatness to Your Table As we’ve grown, ancient grains like quinoa and pulses remain the foundation of everything we create. Now, you can serve up nutrient dense, gluten-free greatness from Ancient Harvest every day of the week with our organic Quinoa, Heat-and-Eat Microwavable Quinoa, Supergrain Pasta™, ready-to-heat Polenta, Ancient Grain Instant Hot Cereals, POW! protein pasta line and more. Whether you’re looking for delicious plant-based foods, a company that’s founded in integrity, or a community of people who are working to change the way the world thinks about food, you’ve come to the right place. . 8oz

Cooked Organic Quinoa, Water, Organic White Quinoa, Organic Coconut Oil, Sea Salt